Changing role of communication

Posted on October 20, 2011


Today’s era tri sectors have cemented the role of communication and we see much accent given to improve the areas of communication irrespective of the cadres.

Every management if relooks at the importance of the process defines the change process beautifully. In fact the most of the manufacturing set ups middle management cadrers commanded the unions just because of edge of communicative command keeping the union demands within the limits.  Leadership experts believe in measuring team dynamics by tracking inter and intra departmental communication. In this role HR team members play a crucial role by analysing their capacity building sessions and its impact. In fact the effort of media and journals is really appreciative as during the period the efforts being made from the sources through its effective listeners and reading customers.

Even the social networking communities have made reasonable appreciable effort through internet and mobile connectivity where in communication process has been strengthened as few of the members have made communicating effective statements as their status updates or so called” what is there in your mind”.

Education sectors have been rethinking the effective use of communication by its change agents who are none other than teachers and faculty members. These change agents effective communication methodologies plays an enlightening role in creating the future talents to the society. The communication link between the parents and the teacher is child, so it becomes important that teacher creates a communicative channel over the period of teaching and the continued rapport of a good friend beyond teaching.

Corporate world including IT set ups are facing the similar challenge where in communication most of the times has been and is a lacuna for day to day project guidelines for effective implementation of guidelines. HR’s challenge and training specialists prospective of using different methodologies have been instinct from a decade.

Development sector (Non-profit sector) too in a race of bridging the team challenges and creating an ideal channel of communication paving the way for effective project building activities where in most of the cases community, government and NGO members play crucial role. In fact value based NGOs have been constantly faced challenges in delivering the society commitments as the effectiveness of communication to the semi literate and illiterates on the objectives being the real taste of success. Blogs being the extension of website updates has been able to tweet the info input to the needy customers.

Being a country of unity in diversity, regional languages have played their own pros and cons role when it comes to communication. IT hubs have been lenient when it comes to selection of techies as the niche skill sets have minimized the importance of communication over technology delivery. However project leaders are still commanding having technical, leadership and communicative sovereign. But in family surroundings the communication still has a major role to play to keep the generations together being a joint community.

It’s up to these generation’s active players to take the sharing knowledge over the period to make both people and communities communicative, powerful and become the part of change agent’s world.

Venugopal Kuruveri

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