HR’s true role

Posted on November 6, 2011


It was Saturday evening and I was just driving back home after a hectic days session.In fact Sunday off dream was nearly faded due to the disturbing thoughts. Many HR thoughts were flooding in and around my mind and was just trying to prioritize it. After a long thought I thought of broadcasting my impressions on changing role of HR which can make a value addition to organization, mere failure is the failure of HR

Ego and work: Being HR out of my associations with 3 organizations, found surprisingly true that ego supercedes even in the honest working hearts.HR’s role here is to work out and keep it at minimum level when it comes to work balancing team performance and new member joining the team gets motivated.

Value plus role of HR: HR team’s real value flourishes only when they facilitate healthy working relationship within and between the team’s. Here my dilemma was to what extent HR is and can be successful?

Strategic role: My assignments of manpower planning and manpower fitment in many of my cases handled in past 6 years was truly amazing. Many times it was awakening time for team leaders and few of the times it was a mere team performance review! Can we HR professionals think and move towards the strategic areas? Are we empowered?

Training and performance: Many times even in my previous experience training the team members was nearly on papers or it was a requirement of ISO/external auditing. But only few of the organizations follow from training analysis to execution and link the same to performance. We (HR) have to seriously think along these lines of implementation and continuation of the same.

Right fitment to employee engagement, training, grievances handing to healthy working environment; we HR have got a long way in proving ourselves a value +

Venugopal Kuruveri

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