Why managers become (Un) popular?

Posted on June 27, 2012


Why managers become (Un) popular?

It was financial year end and lot of appraisal discussions; I was just reviewing my HR experiences with various Team leaders across the companies and organizations I have been associated with.


Popularity is air spread concept in work places where in right from individual understanding of team members in various arenas of personality, strengths, areas of improvement and other related areas of individual development in various phases.


Managers/Team leaders in 6/10 cases are by eligibility and rest of them are by fortune and lack of alternatives in most of the medium sized sectors. Impact of these fortune cases to the respective teams most of the times are adverse. Team leaders in a short span from the new charge use their monopolistic power in strengthening their positions rather than overlooking potentials of team and its performance in the long run.

Role of strategic HR plays a vital in protecting the team becomes vital in these kind of casesUnderatanding the team dynamics, working with team leader in building capacities, understanding their emotional intelligence and working with them becomes crucial. The impact of these will surely help in maintaining the equilibrium in the team and thus helping in team leader’s attitude towards the team.

HR’s changing role in the modern days from a personnel manager to strategic business partner needs a constant upgrdation and self review.


Author is a HR in leading NGO based in Mysore. More at venuhr.wordpress.com

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