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Need of the(HOUR)

April 7, 2013


mere qualification will not justify your role.Employability and true spirit of implementation makes your career true. Advertisements

Why managers become (Un) popular?

June 27, 2012


Why managers become (Un) popular? It was financial year end and lot of appraisal discussions; I was just reviewing my HR experiences with various Team leaders across the companies and organizations I have been associated with.   Popularity is air spread concept in work places where in right from individual understanding of team members in […]

HR’s true role

November 6, 2011


It was Saturday evening and I was just driving back home after a hectic days session.In fact Sunday off dream was nearly faded due to the disturbing thoughts. Many HR thoughts were flooding in and around my mind and was just trying to prioritize it. After a long thought I thought of broadcasting my impressions […]

Changing role of communication

October 20, 2011


Today’s era tri sectors have cemented the role of communication and we see much accent given to improve the areas of communication irrespective of the cadres. Every management if relooks at the importance of the process defines the change process beautifully. In fact the most of the manufacturing set ups middle management cadrers commanded the […]

HR team – value plus!

September 25, 2011


While i reviewed my HR experiences with various sectors of technology, media and development sector i found many areas where in our role is to be strategic and situation based few questions were really case study eligible s and few were inputs for the same My frequent meetings and informal discussions with my HR colleagues […]

Mentoring the post graduates

February 17, 2011


often guided by DR MAB & DR RB when i rejoined SVYM i had my own dilemas regarding mentoring to our masters program in non profit management. this short span of an year has really given me an insight of what exactly mentoring means. Reading the audience mind and making our frequency change according to […]

Job defined

February 2, 2011


its almost few months i was involved in re defining the job description of my friend colleagues.Many times i used to ask myself, is it really necessary to have reviewed job description if everyone from their heart are justified what they are doing!are they up to their own expectations!!! When we think of this view […]